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Welcome to Dungeonworld Games

I’m new to Obsidian Portal but an ages old gamesmaster, Since I was 6 I’ve been creating worlds, this is my most persistant world, some things are strange and exotic, but tempered overtime with maturity.

Whats in this Wiki

I Had considered putting my campaign into a wiki, my rules system, my concepts. Honestly its such a BIIIG task. I’m glad that someone else made a simpler system than Wiki and I hope to use it over time, but with the 5Mg limit, I might have to eventually post over to my own server.. who knows..

My Rules and System.

Honestly, I’d rather not directly, publicly publish my rules, My players know them, Maybe I’ll create some kind of system when I have the time, but I’d like other GM’s to have the chance to use it, and get back to me with ideas and such to improve it.

My Politics.

Because there is usually ALOT of stuff players should know, background, histories, etc, and THIS is not so interesting for players to hear IN roleplay, I’m keen to write the histories into some kind of CMS

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