The Coyn

Who is this Apeman Anyway
Who is TZ

Backstory: TZ the Apeman, has slowly begun to remember who he was, and starts to tell his new companions…

A few weeks back, TZ was in front of their Legion commander, Vimes. The Legion had been given a new mission, scout and destroy hostiles. There was a Small band of goblins who had the audacity to start towards the smaller villagers to the east. His companions, Sargent Bolt the Knight, Seymore the Gamekeeper, Lemus the Bandit, ZaraTundra the Mercenary and Colsfoot the Ranger were the North Squad. They were to travel 3 days east of the Village of Hermile and find out what they were dealing with, and if worthy, to destroy the goblin incursion.

While Travelling, all eyes were on the surrounding land, but it was only Lemus the stoned who noticed that that rock over there, was infact a campsite of goblins..

The Commanders quickly siganlled each other, Sargent Bolt sent Lemus to talk to the other commander.. who sent away the fool, Lemus returned to Bolt and said “They said attack!” So Bolt did. The Goblins were killed quickly.. but not as easily as expected. They all wore Leather breeches under their dark hooded cloaks.. which did not forebode well.

The Forward scouts discovered it was a legion of goblins, somewhere between 40 and 60 of them, moving west towards the village. Vimes felt it better to deal with the situation as quickly as possible, 60 goblins could be taken out with a mere squad or two.. 6 squads and a command group would make light work of them.

The Pincer Attack, from two stealth positions, with a false squad in front to lure the goblins was decided as the best strategy for the long grass plains. Three squads, 3 archers and 3 warriors each were sent to each side, when the goblins charged the false front of 12, they would pepper them with arrows from behind and then clean up the remainder with the warriors.. not a simgle goblin would survive to bring re-enforcements.

Everything seemed to be going to plan, the squads were easily able to close the gap to 50 metres before the horns sounded. The goblins spewed out of their tents as arrows rained into the groups.

But things were obviously wrong, while some goblins fell from punctured eyes and heads, the bulk of them stood their ground, drew their weapons and attacked. It seemed like they were prepared, armoured stronger, under their clothes, than they appeared, but worse, from the ground behind the camps, a dirt covered hide burst open and a Hob-goblin shaman emerged, shimmering light around his form showed that he had prepared some spells.

The Warriors closed in battle and things were definately going their way as goblin after goblin fell to slashing blades and crushing hammers, but suddenly goblins all began to fall to the ground, quickly the teams began to dispatch them, but all too late they realised, The Goblins that lived rose up, their skin burst open, Black wolf hair pushing through the skin, They had become Were Wolves.. Or had they..

The Half Goblin Half wolf abominations were hardier fighters, tougher skin, but still, the human warriors were a tough lot.. The warriors fought on..

It was only when the Archer, signalled to fire their arrows upon the Shaman, did the tide of battle turn..

As the Arrows notched and flew at the target, one after the other, they suddenly turned in the air and returned to the archers themselves.. Bowman after bowmen fell to the ground, either in shock and pain, or dead as their true aimed shot turned back and took them to their graves.

Then Another round of goblins fell to the ground, these rose up seconds later with Grey fur, bigger muscles and dark red eyes.. salivar dripped from their mouths with hunger as they dived into battled and tore out the throats of the warriors..

Our team stuggled to keep up with the battle, they fired, they called out to each other, Lemus who had been denied his halicinetic died of weed in the morning, was in panic, he fired randomly, tried to fight with a blade instead of his sword, and decided it was all too much and fled the battle.

The Height of the battle was when ZaraTundra took a critical blow, and in an effort to do the most carnage, called out to his god to strike revenge upon his assailants. Lightning struck his blade, he plunged it into his own chest, denying the goblins the final kill, and the blood soaked lightning exploded from behind him, exploding the bodies of several were-goblins.

Commander Vimes found himself backing up from the battle, his command squad gone, more than a handful of Larger Were Wolves chasing him down, his remaining crew ran to him, but were knocked unconcious.. The battle was lost.. the three living men were chaimed and placed in a wooden box. Golthrax the Hobgoblin may have lost his legion, but the squad of remaining goblins would take him back to the goblin high command while these Goblin Wolves would go onward to the village and reek havok to all that lived there.

at Last we understand
Andomeda's Island

We Left our Heroes, (oh so long ago) On the Island of Magi Andy had recently discovered the basics on how to work the spell towers and the challenge rooms.

Its Not understood how this is all supposed to work, but obviously from the degeneration of the many many years, the cracks in the rocks and the leaking of magic, it all works a little wonky now.

On this day, Andy was down in the Vine Rooms, so named because the floors, the walls and the ceilings are all made of vines and branches.

Balzac was scouting around the forests edges, careful not to enter, but curious to see what he could get access to.

Defo was cautiously waiting to see what was to happen next. He was hit the hardest by the death of Jeofry. They were all a little on edge after witnessing the death of Jeofry.

Andy set to work, First it was a cat to deal with. The thing was covered in fleas, scratching, he could see the ribs through the flesh, the poor thing was obviously wild and sick and hungry. but it would accept no help, no food, nothing. Yet, it had a collar, and on that collar was a key.

In the room adjoining the cats, was a lock in the wall.

Andy had to figure out the cat, Not understanding what to do next, he decided to use another inner magic of Emerald Fire. He charged the 5 Pointed Symbol with his hands, energy draining out into the symbols.. and in return, thoughts started to appear in his mind. the gestures, the incantations, the requirements. He was able to cast a new spell… Reveal Nature.

Casting the spell, Andy understood that the room above was not completely magical. small parts of a wall were plain wood and able to be cut. He got out his axe and proceeded to chip away until two small shelves within the alcove were revealed. On each was a wooden chest.

Who are you, and What are you doing here?
The Round Up

The Templar of the Forest known as [[:T’horan]] has been given a task, to meet with one of the Kings Men, and escort him to a meeting in the north.

He walked on the path, in the knowledge that soon enough this man of the forest would find him. Sure enough, he was found. Content Not Found: Xavier was walking along, following ancient paths, known to him and his friends in the Kings employ. He spotted a small fire, and worried what it might be was heading in that direction, when he encountered a man, approx the same age as him, travelling in his forest.. correction.. the kings forest.

Xavier, it seemed, was required by his king to come with this man, and go north to the town of insert-name-here to meet with another, Content Not Found: diamont. He agreed and asked only that he might check on the fire first.

Together they approached the fire, and discovered it to be empty, but soon enough a young man emerged, slightly surprised, and introduced himself as Content Not Found: Metzler.

Soon after meeting, and chatting, the group overheard the sounds of others travelling this way, Xavier went into the forest quietly to find out. Soon enough he overheard their discussion, Two men, one a simpleton, were discussing the fact that an owlbear of some sort, was to be found in the forest and they might become heroes if they killed it. Xavier knew this to be untrue..

Content Not Found: Jacob_, the Simpleton and Content Not Found: Althgar_ the Dark robed Magi, were those men. Content Not Found: Claire had dropped back, no longer able to contain her frustration at their inane ramblings.

A noise was heard, Jacob sprang ready and ran into the forest, convinced the clang he heard was indeed ‘the owlbear’. Althgar followed, but suddenly noticed the green cloaked man with a bow at the ready and quickly stopped. Xavier, the green-robed, stepped out from his hiding place and spoke to the man, while Jacob ran forward to ‘the owlbear’

As the ‘owlbear’ was infact T’horan, banging his shield, Jacob stopped, but .. being simple minded, asked "are you ‘the owlbear’?

Conversation was had by all, introductions made, Jacob ignored, and then they heard Lady Claire.. demanding her ‘employees’ come and make sure she could enter the tree’s without her armour becoming spoiled. (cut her a path)

A Days travel, and only one other traveller is met on the path, he is mysterious and claims he can heal Jacob.. for an expensive price.. his little finger. The group convince Jacob to say no, and the man leaves, but not before stating “meet me at the ”/campaign/the-coyn/wikis/Golden%20Dwarven%20Statues/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Golden Dwarven Statues"

A Day and a nights travel, and we find our group, asleep. T’horan is on watch, and hears the cry of some unearthly, Howl/scream/growl.. maybe it is infact this Content Not Found: Owlbear The group has heard.

He awakens Althgar and Xavier, and they head off to deal with it.. Metzler is left to look after the Lady and the Fool.

The three break up and start to stalk the location of the noise.. soon enough Althgar comes across the sounds first.. bone breaking, crunching, chewing, slurping… his stomach turns..

he gets closer.. only 3 metres from the noises.. and spots it.. the Head of an Owl.. at least a metres in size, atop the body of a bear,.. 3 metres in height.. He freezes in place.

T’horan notices Althgar stop and motions to him.. but Althgar panics.. “h’es OVER HERE!!!!

The Beast raises his head and SCREAMS at Althgar, who in turn Panics and Runs.. The beast crashes through the forest at him.. but luckily Xavier has his bow..

The Bow string drawn, the sight readied, he shoots.. the arrow whistles straight between the trees, and punctures DEEP into the eye of the beast.. who’s head Promtly EXPLODES!!! (double 1, critical hit!!)

The group is in shock.. Althgar freaks and spins.. almost passing out from shock..

They approach the dead body.. its brain splattered on the forest around..

Claire and Metzler arrive and gasp.. “what happened?” Jacob, bleary eyed, steps up behind them.. “Ohhh.. whats that!?!”

The group decide to skin the body, share out some of the feathers, gut it, cut it up and take it back to camp. The meat can be dried and eaten, it is.. just a bear underneath it all! Althgar claims the heart, and they return to camp.

but something nags at the back of Xaviers mind..

Thursday: The beginning
Chapter 2: The Crashpoint

Travelling far from his home town, Althgar the Earth Elementalist has found at last civilisation, the city of Hmm. Unbeknownst to him, being a Magic user is social suicide. Magic is known to cause lots of problems, one of which being necromancy. As the current war with the goblin is going against the kingdom as an Army of Undead now joins forces with them.

Hearing a rumour that a local tavern is blaming a mage for a local crime, a mage matching his own description, he heads over to sort it out to make sure he is not blamed for the deed.

Content Not Found: jacob, a man without a past, is sitting in a tavern, hankering for a fight. Soon enough one seems to wander in the door. Last night a local wench was accosted by a stranger in robes, he tried to scare the tavern with words of magic, more a bluff, felt Jacob. But the locals believed him.

So, when a man walks in claiming he is a mage, but not the mage of the night before, but wants to set things straight, well, it didn’t take much for a fight to break out, especially with Jacob shouting out some choice phrases in altering voices and accents.

Soon enough Althgar and Jacob have understood, they are outmatched and outnumbered and so they take to their heels. The flight ends abruptly when they manage to turn a corner to escape the chase, but crash straight into a Paladin (read: local police)

But, for Althgar and Jacob, who are not locals, this is merely a well armoured warrior. Both have respect for such folk, and pick the poor fellow up, dust off his armour and apologise to the gentleman, but quickly change their tone when they realise its actually a Lady.

Lady Claire Montogmery Is a fine upstanding citizen of the Templars of Hmm, Full of Virtue and Chivalry, and ready to… Decapitate any who displease her god!

Lady Claire has strict biblical instruction to dispose of Evil quickly and without thought. And she raises an eyebrow or three when someone inadvertently blurts out their nefarious ways..

The Gentlemen quickly assert themselves, and offer to escort her to her place of residence and make amends of their error (actually having a police officer nearby if an angry mob were to find them would be to their advantage, they feel) Being a chivalrous action, Lady Claire takes a liking to the pair, and offer them a job.

The Templars are currently the local recruiters for scouts, warriors and .. well anyone that will do it, to go north and help Lord Fredderick secure the lands against the goblins and hopefully this will push his cause so he may become king (King Fredderick is a promoter of the Paladins, which the current king is opposed to them being in rule).

Simple Text to update:

Mage finds out local area is not magic friendly, goes to tavern to quell rumours, finds out he’s being blamed for a local crime.

Other guy nearby, hears the argument and decides to start a fight.

They both decide to run when its obvious the battle has gone the wrong way

Pursued by tavern folk, they round a courner and crash into a Knight

The knight takes them to one side.. decides she.. yes thats right.. SHE needs some guys to help her with a job..

Employs them to follow her to the north.

They Set off to the forest, intention to go to the city of insert-text-here

The New group
The Group Discussion

Last night started a new group, Both English Lesson and Roleplay.

So far we have

? – A Mage/Thaumist, who wishes to be the necromancer from diablo

? – A Warrior/Spiritualist who is fanatically against evil

? – A Thaumist/Warrior who has Amnesia

? – A Rogue/Academic ?

? – A Ranger Academic ?

Akshayah the Monk, Thaumic/Ranger, who was in the previous campaign and will be the main character of this adventure thread.

Edit: The Player decided to play a new character instead of continuing Akshaya, go to part Two

The Story So far

Andromeda and Content Not Found: peter-wallis met in a town in the far north east. They boarded a Ship as crew and set sail to get away from their boring lands. Andromeda posed as a boy named Andy.

The Captain was nervous as he carried expensive and dangerous goods onboard.

After a few small island trips to gather water and food, Content Not Found: andomeda-as-boy_ and _Content Not Found: peter-wallis discovered the ship had a secret and were determined to find out. Soon enough the encountered Giant rats in the hull gnawing at the food stores. They defeated the rats and confronted the captain, who knew as much about it as they did.

A few weeks went by, and events seemed to point to the ships cook. So they investigated.

A giant were rat attacked the ship.. the cook was involved in the battle exonerating him. but one of the buys fell ill and become a were rat too.

A mysterous ship from another land cam across our now lost ship (after a storm) and decided to exchange maps, and even some crew, as the chances of success seemed equal for both lost ships.

The New Crew were trained in the last arts of Black powder. So their skills would be useful

but as a result of such problems, the ship had no 1st mate and new crew members needed a show of leadership.. the captain proposed a competition.. to name 2nd mate. and 1st mate.


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