Una Bymatharg

There was once a floating cloud city call the Magi School of the 16 arts. or Co

It was well established that the Cloud Kingdoms had the greatest magicians, they had developed and understood the 12 schools of magic which all magic was related to, and they had understood how to group spells according to their natural order. So they established a School of the 12.

One such small sub-culture of magi, learnt that it wasn’t possible to group the spells into just 12 regions, some spells fought within their regions and should be seperated into two.. regions as seperate spells were weaker, and could give in under pressure of the other more powerful groups. why would a magi of gold want to seperate into magi of metal and magi of yellow, and what sort of name is magi of yellow anyway!

This sub-culture decided to break away from the cloud kingdoms schools and establish a new cloud city Una Bymatharg, The city consisted of 16 chambers, 16 amphitheaters, 16 test rooms, two college rooms, two student dormatories and two hostels, together with few other smaller rooms for guests, kitchens and kitchen staff, plus walkways between them and of course, like any cloud city, floating Pylons.

The city catered to all new students from any lands. as long as they could arrive at the city gateway portal, they would be given access to the city as a student (if they so wished) or they would have their magic drained, their minds wiped and sent back to where they came from (if they so wished) or.. they could return for a year and a day to make up their mind (with a curse that would ban them from speaking about the school)

Then they established several portals of power around known kingdoms. A child of significant magic, could ‘open’ the portal and travel to the council school. This of course became a ritual in some cities.. a curse in others, or a forgotten relic in the bulk of them,

After the fall of the Council, The portals no longer work properly, but some magi have managed to get them to portal between cities.. and are slowly creating trade routes between different continents.

Una Bymatharg

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