the Island of Magi

The Island was once a palace, raised above the ocean floor by several hundred metres. Over time either the moorings sank, or the oceans rose. The rock has been covered by coral, grown faster by seeping magic, hardened by time, grown further.. and eventually resulting in an Island.

The Island is an Ancient Legend. The Magi of the Last great time were all trained in the basic arts by the Islands teachers, allowing them to take their arts further and further, studies were made to improve all spells by the great magi that worked and lived here.

Anyone trained by the Island Magi, would go on to be advisors to kings, great seers, or their names would live through antiquity due to the very pinnacles of magic that they would attain.

Today, no longer, the Magic seeps into the world, uncontrolled by the Ancients, common folk learn simple cantrips to help their daily lives, but none perfected. Magic is now a forgotten art. Magi are shadows of their ancient legends. Who will rise up to make them powerful once again?

the Island of Magi

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