The Goblin Invasion

The Lastest goings on in the time plot, is the goblin invasion.

Originally a group of adventurers from a small town, insert name her → to become information in link.. <→ the Student of the the Order of the Tree, a Natural Druid cult who also practices martial arts, went onward to become the main character for the Next story.

The story to be fleshed out later:

A druid, traveling to a town, met with an amnesic wizard and his apprentice, then met with a lost elf. They go to the town, meet the druid chief and join the army as a hired scout party. they scout the south eastern part of the forest, to discover goblins. they report back. they get asked to go check it out further. The Elf understands that this is not for her and decides to leave before the group leaves town. The Magi and his apprentice are too roguish to do the task, and decide to stay in town to fleece a magi known as Andromeda. They fail, but vow to return.

The campaign stopped there as most players were unable to continue.

The Goblin Invasion

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