The Gay Barbarians

The Campaign was as such:

The first group of adventurers met while attending the kings grand speech.

The king had informed all local heroes that impending doom was on its way. Barbarians from the north, known to be dark and evil… because.. they liked men, instead of women.. SHOCK HORROR..

So adventurers were gathered to travel into the lands and solve some local problems.

Some would be recruited to recruit others into an army.

Some were to go to the halls of the fallen dwarves and claim as many left over dwarven weapons to equip the army.

More were to go into the forests and kill as many of the goblins and theives as possible, to make sure the kingdom would still be a nice place to come back to.

And finally, the first 8 to volunteer, would go south to meet with the kings brother, and persuade him to send HIS army north.

The players chose the last quest.

After some small skirmishes in the forests, they arrived at the brothers kingdom, to discover that he was not interested. In fact he both disbelieved the barbarians were real, AND that the heroes sent could possible be legit as they looked like common vagabonds.

The heroes decided to prove their worth by solving some of the local problems as any good hero would.

Firstly, the knight, jumped into a well to battle rats, broke both his legs and was eaten to death.

The mage got arrested and sent to jail.

The Theif and Priest got into an argument with the local apothacary and were run out of town.

and the Roguess, after taking the last few warriors into a pirates smuggling den, decided to join the pirate captain, as he was rather fetching.

The last of the group left the town in disgust and joined up with The Castle vs the Goblins Campaign.

The Gay Barbarians

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