The Castle vs the Goblins

As per the Gay Barbarians Campaign, the king had recruited Heroes across the land to deal with some problems… Payment would be hefty bags of gold.. to the survivors.

Our Group decided to go into the forests and deal with the goblins.

At first they travelled south east, got into trouble at a village tavern and summoned up a demon. the demon decided to ravage the town.. and when the heroes came around after the battle, they had lost 3 of their crew, and the entire village was destroyed.

Dismayed and feeling guilty, they quickly left, and entered the forest.

Dispatching goblins was not an easy task it seems. They found some warrens, and dealt a few crushing blows.. but each warren seemed to lead deeper and deeper.. somewhere the team were not ready to go.

Eventually they found an Abandoned Castle. Shoring up the old doors, and searching the rooms, an old man and his wife were discovered hiding in the pantry. They were the cook and her husband who was a guard but was now too old.

The adventurers decided to use this as a base. They got to work fixing holes, patching walls, doors and plaster.

Soon enough some other adventurers joined them, and they discovered one of the larger entrances to the goblin warrens.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, staffing problems and other life problems this group was abandoned. The now NPC heroes ‘guard’ the castle, and keep it upkept. the Priest travels to town with goblin ears collecting bounty and buying provisions, they keep the goblin population down in the region and trade with other PC’s that come this way.. If I find the character sheets, I’ll update this thread with characters and more information

The Castle vs the Goblins

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