Reveal Nature

Reveal Nature Spell:

2nd Level Natureal Spell
Common Ingredient: Sprig of any natural herb(-3)/ hair of natural Animal(-3).
First Learnt: 10 Magic Points, Difficulty 10% Study 80.
Range – Caster
Distance – up to 25 metres (see below)

The Spellcaster casts his hands (M) around an Area and breaks the component in the air © which breaks into millions of tiny peices (stealth -4) floating around to settle on the area. Any magical variance of the plants or animals will light up with small pinpoints of light (stealth -12).

Note: the Particles have a Force 20, animals or plants with high resistance may not ‘glow’ as intended. It only works on Magical (or spiritual) plants or animals or illusions. Invisible creatures may glow, revealing their location (-12 to invisible stealth)

The Spells effects last for 2 rounds and slowly dissipitates, d6 expiry, but each round reduces the stealth mod by 2 points.. completely expired after 8 rounds in total regardless of d6 expiry.

Reveal Nature

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