Island of the Lion

I have alot to write about alot of regions.

To the Very far East I have a campaign about the Grand Daddy of all my Dwarves..

In the Far south is an Ocean that has an Island in the shape of a Skull.. Its about the size of England..

Most of my recent campaigns have taken place on the coastline of the Salt Water Lake of Kkrakenfall The Lands between the Mountains and the Sea is known as Ithania

To the North of Kkrakenfall is the Lands of the Fallen Magi council known as Delgoroth

to the East of Kkrakenfall south of Ithania are the forests, known to the Elves as Elgoruithui but known to the lizardmen (known as ???) as Khu’ki-ar-thu

Island of the Lion

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