The Quadrant

Talisman of Power


Unknown to Players.. but reportedly made of magical items which all grant the user something ultra magical


What is known: There was a creator, he stood upon the world he made and decided to go do something else. He left behind his ruler.. or his eye peice.. or something.. somethat that no-one truly knows.. but it was something used to ‘create the world’

So this thing.. It exists in the minds of those who have understood it, before they went insane.

3 Gems.. A circle, some kind of blade.. an edged thing..

What is known: The The Tear of Offler Seems to be reported to be one of the stones.. Its power is greater than any man made magical artifact and every generation or so, someone in Tashenheim discovers something else the Tear can do.. so surely it must be more powerful if used in conjunction with other more powerful artifacts.

The Quadrant

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