The Coyn

The Story So far


Andromeda and Content Not Found: peter-wallis met in a town in the far north east. They boarded a Ship as crew and set sail to get away from their boring lands. Andromeda posed as a boy named Andy.

The Captain was nervous as he carried expensive and dangerous goods onboard.

After a few small island trips to gather water and food, Content Not Found: andomeda-as-boy_ and _Content Not Found: peter-wallis discovered the ship had a secret and were determined to find out. Soon enough the encountered Giant rats in the hull gnawing at the food stores. They defeated the rats and confronted the captain, who knew as much about it as they did.

A few weeks went by, and events seemed to point to the ships cook. So they investigated.

A giant were rat attacked the ship.. the cook was involved in the battle exonerating him. but one of the buys fell ill and become a were rat too.

A mysterous ship from another land cam across our now lost ship (after a storm) and decided to exchange maps, and even some crew, as the chances of success seemed equal for both lost ships.

The New Crew were trained in the last arts of Black powder. So their skills would be useful

but as a result of such problems, the ship had no 1st mate and new crew members needed a show of leadership.. the captain proposed a competition.. to name 2nd mate. and 1st mate.



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