The Coyn

Thursday: The beginning

Chapter 2: The Crashpoint

Travelling far from his home town, Althgar the Earth Elementalist has found at last civilisation, the city of Hmm. Unbeknownst to him, being a Magic user is social suicide. Magic is known to cause lots of problems, one of which being necromancy. As the current war with the goblin is going against the kingdom as an Army of Undead now joins forces with them.

Hearing a rumour that a local tavern is blaming a mage for a local crime, a mage matching his own description, he heads over to sort it out to make sure he is not blamed for the deed.

Content Not Found: jacob, a man without a past, is sitting in a tavern, hankering for a fight. Soon enough one seems to wander in the door. Last night a local wench was accosted by a stranger in robes, he tried to scare the tavern with words of magic, more a bluff, felt Jacob. But the locals believed him.

So, when a man walks in claiming he is a mage, but not the mage of the night before, but wants to set things straight, well, it didn’t take much for a fight to break out, especially with Jacob shouting out some choice phrases in altering voices and accents.

Soon enough Althgar and Jacob have understood, they are outmatched and outnumbered and so they take to their heels. The flight ends abruptly when they manage to turn a corner to escape the chase, but crash straight into a Paladin (read: local police)

But, for Althgar and Jacob, who are not locals, this is merely a well armoured warrior. Both have respect for such folk, and pick the poor fellow up, dust off his armour and apologise to the gentleman, but quickly change their tone when they realise its actually a Lady.

Lady Claire Montogmery Is a fine upstanding citizen of the Templars of Hmm, Full of Virtue and Chivalry, and ready to… Decapitate any who displease her god!

Lady Claire has strict biblical instruction to dispose of Evil quickly and without thought. And she raises an eyebrow or three when someone inadvertently blurts out their nefarious ways..

The Gentlemen quickly assert themselves, and offer to escort her to her place of residence and make amends of their error (actually having a police officer nearby if an angry mob were to find them would be to their advantage, they feel) Being a chivalrous action, Lady Claire takes a liking to the pair, and offer them a job.

The Templars are currently the local recruiters for scouts, warriors and .. well anyone that will do it, to go north and help Lord Fredderick secure the lands against the goblins and hopefully this will push his cause so he may become king (King Fredderick is a promoter of the Paladins, which the current king is opposed to them being in rule).

Simple Text to update:

Mage finds out local area is not magic friendly, goes to tavern to quell rumours, finds out he’s being blamed for a local crime.

Other guy nearby, hears the argument and decides to start a fight.

They both decide to run when its obvious the battle has gone the wrong way

Pursued by tavern folk, they round a courner and crash into a Knight

The knight takes them to one side.. decides she.. yes thats right.. SHE needs some guys to help her with a job..

Employs them to follow her to the north.

They Set off to the forest, intention to go to the city of insert-text-here



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