The Coyn

at Last we understand

Andomeda's Island

We Left our Heroes, (oh so long ago) On the Island of Magi Andy had recently discovered the basics on how to work the spell towers and the challenge rooms.

Its Not understood how this is all supposed to work, but obviously from the degeneration of the many many years, the cracks in the rocks and the leaking of magic, it all works a little wonky now.

On this day, Andy was down in the Vine Rooms, so named because the floors, the walls and the ceilings are all made of vines and branches.

Balzac was scouting around the forests edges, careful not to enter, but curious to see what he could get access to.

Defo was cautiously waiting to see what was to happen next. He was hit the hardest by the death of Jeofry. They were all a little on edge after witnessing the death of Jeofry.

Andy set to work, First it was a cat to deal with. The thing was covered in fleas, scratching, he could see the ribs through the flesh, the poor thing was obviously wild and sick and hungry. but it would accept no help, no food, nothing. Yet, it had a collar, and on that collar was a key.

In the room adjoining the cats, was a lock in the wall.

Andy had to figure out the cat, Not understanding what to do next, he decided to use another inner magic of Emerald Fire. He charged the 5 Pointed Symbol with his hands, energy draining out into the symbols.. and in return, thoughts started to appear in his mind. the gestures, the incantations, the requirements. He was able to cast a new spell… Reveal Nature.

Casting the spell, Andy understood that the room above was not completely magical. small parts of a wall were plain wood and able to be cut. He got out his axe and proceeded to chip away until two small shelves within the alcove were revealed. On each was a wooden chest.



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