The Coyn

Who is this Apeman Anyway

Who is TZ

Backstory: TZ the Apeman, has slowly begun to remember who he was, and starts to tell his new companions…

A few weeks back, TZ was in front of their Legion commander, Vimes. The Legion had been given a new mission, scout and destroy hostiles. There was a Small band of goblins who had the audacity to start towards the smaller villagers to the east. His companions, Sargent Bolt the Knight, Seymore the Gamekeeper, Lemus the Bandit, ZaraTundra the Mercenary and Colsfoot the Ranger were the North Squad. They were to travel 3 days east of the Village of Hermile and find out what they were dealing with, and if worthy, to destroy the goblin incursion.

While Travelling, all eyes were on the surrounding land, but it was only Lemus the stoned who noticed that that rock over there, was infact a campsite of goblins..

The Commanders quickly siganlled each other, Sargent Bolt sent Lemus to talk to the other commander.. who sent away the fool, Lemus returned to Bolt and said “They said attack!” So Bolt did. The Goblins were killed quickly.. but not as easily as expected. They all wore Leather breeches under their dark hooded cloaks.. which did not forebode well.

The Forward scouts discovered it was a legion of goblins, somewhere between 40 and 60 of them, moving west towards the village. Vimes felt it better to deal with the situation as quickly as possible, 60 goblins could be taken out with a mere squad or two.. 6 squads and a command group would make light work of them.

The Pincer Attack, from two stealth positions, with a false squad in front to lure the goblins was decided as the best strategy for the long grass plains. Three squads, 3 archers and 3 warriors each were sent to each side, when the goblins charged the false front of 12, they would pepper them with arrows from behind and then clean up the remainder with the warriors.. not a simgle goblin would survive to bring re-enforcements.

Everything seemed to be going to plan, the squads were easily able to close the gap to 50 metres before the horns sounded. The goblins spewed out of their tents as arrows rained into the groups.

But things were obviously wrong, while some goblins fell from punctured eyes and heads, the bulk of them stood their ground, drew their weapons and attacked. It seemed like they were prepared, armoured stronger, under their clothes, than they appeared, but worse, from the ground behind the camps, a dirt covered hide burst open and a Hob-goblin shaman emerged, shimmering light around his form showed that he had prepared some spells.

The Warriors closed in battle and things were definately going their way as goblin after goblin fell to slashing blades and crushing hammers, but suddenly goblins all began to fall to the ground, quickly the teams began to dispatch them, but all too late they realised, The Goblins that lived rose up, their skin burst open, Black wolf hair pushing through the skin, They had become Were Wolves.. Or had they..

The Half Goblin Half wolf abominations were hardier fighters, tougher skin, but still, the human warriors were a tough lot.. The warriors fought on..

It was only when the Archer, signalled to fire their arrows upon the Shaman, did the tide of battle turn..

As the Arrows notched and flew at the target, one after the other, they suddenly turned in the air and returned to the archers themselves.. Bowman after bowmen fell to the ground, either in shock and pain, or dead as their true aimed shot turned back and took them to their graves.

Then Another round of goblins fell to the ground, these rose up seconds later with Grey fur, bigger muscles and dark red eyes.. salivar dripped from their mouths with hunger as they dived into battled and tore out the throats of the warriors..

Our team stuggled to keep up with the battle, they fired, they called out to each other, Lemus who had been denied his halicinetic died of weed in the morning, was in panic, he fired randomly, tried to fight with a blade instead of his sword, and decided it was all too much and fled the battle.

The Height of the battle was when ZaraTundra took a critical blow, and in an effort to do the most carnage, called out to his god to strike revenge upon his assailants. Lightning struck his blade, he plunged it into his own chest, denying the goblins the final kill, and the blood soaked lightning exploded from behind him, exploding the bodies of several were-goblins.

Commander Vimes found himself backing up from the battle, his command squad gone, more than a handful of Larger Were Wolves chasing him down, his remaining crew ran to him, but were knocked unconcious.. The battle was lost.. the three living men were chaimed and placed in a wooden box. Golthrax the Hobgoblin may have lost his legion, but the squad of remaining goblins would take him back to the goblin high command while these Goblin Wolves would go onward to the village and reek havok to all that lived there.



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