Welcome to ‘the Coyn’ A world that is quite literally a coin, spinning in the void of space between the Discworld of Terry Pratchett and Warhammer styled fantasy.

My Local Regions Include:

Northern Ithania: Or otherwise known as the region of Ildark, This Region has had the most background story building to date, The Fantasy kingdoms game round #1 resulted in the background story of over 60 countries and cultures. The Dominant race is Human, and the dominant Evil race is Undead. There are three known Elven communities, Three Dwarven communities, Four Dark Elven communities and some small pockets of Lizardmen, Croconians

The Coyn World Itself

The Current Campaigns in Roleplay:

The Crystal Men After the Fall of a Major Campaign, this was the ‘best of the best’ all the players got to ressurect their best ever hero, go through a vorpal wringer, and end up being summoned to deal with a terrible evil, unfortunately, the group was more concearned about the effects of the Vorpal wringer and decided they’d rather do their own thing.

The Gay Barbarians A humorous campaign about a group of adventurers dealing with an invading horde who are best known for raping… men?

The Destroyer Lest not speak his name, he may be summoned..

The Goblin Invasion The local group is asked to deal with some goblins, which are taking advantage while a more menacing army is marching east.

The Rise of Andromeda During The Goblin Invasion the Players encountered a great sorceress, and one of the players decided that she needed alot more backstory.

The Coyn